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Small Wonder: Hands


Hands. 🀲🏽 We use them every day.

We use them to create β€” draw, build, cook, and plant. We use them to communicate β€” write down ideas, sign emotions, and make sounds. We use them to show we care β€” a pat on the back, a wave hello, and a high five! We use them to celebrate β€” exchanging rings, holding a new baby, and applauding.

The pages in this magazine will show you different ways people use their hands and will give you ideas on how to use yours. I hope you have fun getting your hands dirty!

Features include:
- Beautifully illustrated poems & stories ✍🏽
- Fun and engaging activities 🎨
- Book and product suggestions πŸ“š
- Easy to follow recipes πŸͺ
- Plus so much more 🫢🏽

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